Amazing A+ Summer Math

Amazing A+ Summer Math

With each approaching summer, parents to some degree think about enrolling their children in a course, which lacks the pressure of studying but at the same time can help children retain the knowledge. Many parents are worried that their children will only play with their smartphones or iPad during the entire summer and how wasteful such an experience would be.

Thoroughly understanding parents’ concerns about about what their children should study and play during summer, we have designed various exciting summer activities including for the Summer Course 2017 including: Mathnasium’s Day and Mathnasium Championship 2017. These activities are the institute’s biggest series of events in the year, taking place from May to July, 2017. These events create a meaningful and cheerful sense of play, bringing fun to students, meanwhile equipping them with strong knowledge foundation for the new school year. We desire to help students fully develop not only their logical thinking, but also other soft skills such as communication, presentation, problem solving, and teamwork, etc.

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Join a fun and meaningful summer with plenty of benefits and advantages when registering before May 15, 2017. When attending the summer program, students will receive a free ticket to Mathnasium’s Day – the biggest event in a year with variety of creative and exciting activities, where students can enjoy satisfying play while discovering the fun of overcoming challenges.

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