About the Founder

About the Founder


Larry Martinek 

Creator of the Mathnasium Method and honored principal of Mathnasium centers.


The Mathnasium method is the lifework of Larry Martinek, an American mathematical genius, who has spent the last 30 years of his life building the best way to teach math, in a way that provides children a firm foundation to future successes.

Today, more than 40 years after Larry first developed it, the Mathnasium Method has proved its efficiency by helping thousands of children develop an understanding and enhance their love for math.

Larry’s innovations have gained wide circulation over the years. In Los Angeles, he is known as: “Larry, The Math Guy”.

Mathnasium Method aims at stimulating critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills. With a mastery of such skills, students will have the necessary tools in how to approach and solve other problems in real life scenarios.