Key Steps

Key Steps

Key Steps program forms and develops students’ logical thinking skills and creativity, by providing opportunities to widen their knowledge, increase their interests and also improve their grades in math.

At Mathnasium, we know how vital math knowledge and critical thinking skill development are in elementary school. As a result, in the Key Steps program, we focus on familiarizing students with math concepts from basic to advanced levels.


Help students understand the basic concepts of natural numbers, fractions, decimals, and percent, as well as effortlessly recall addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, develop mental math skills, problem analyzing and solving. As the program progresses, students get more and more comfortable with numbers, building their number sense and numerical fluency.


Help students recognize basic concepts and attributes of shapes (plane and solid geometry), and at the same time gain practice with perimeter, area, or volume of shapes.

Beyond teaching students critically important math concepts and skills that match with Vietnamese primary education curriculum, Mathnasium also provides students with access to international mathematical materials such as: pattern recognition, drawing, reading and interpreting graphs, etc. which are connected and practical to their life. As a consequence, students will memorize and apply their knowledge effectively in and out of class.