Smart Steps

Smart Steps

Mathnasium Smart Steps program is a combination as well as enhancement of theories and applied math problems, which develop a student’s critical thinking skills, knowledge and confidence.


Help students master higher algebra skills – including proportions, expressions, rational expressions, to higher concepts such as variables, functions, and other specific algebraic problems (equations, inequations, equation systems, radicals), in preparation for students to confidently attend any high school programs all over the world.

In addition, students will also learn about basic statistics, including sampling, reading, comparing and sorting data. Furthermore, students are also instructed to draw graphs that help find the answers to math problems and display logical principles.


Learners are introduced plane geometry and related problems such as finding the perimeter and area of objects. Solid geometry is also included with interesting visual aids to help students differentiate plane and solid figures. At the same time, they are also taught about volume, lateral area and surface area. The goal is to enhance their performance in high school math program and apply knowledge into reality.

Throughout all topics taught, students are assigned a variety of problem-solving exercises, from simple problems to problems solved with multi steps or diagrams. These mathematic problems help develop students’ logical and creative thinking within real-life situations.