Do parents think that your children can do more than you know?

Have your children ever tried something that they do not think they are good at?

Let’s explore with Summer Course 2018 at Mathnasium!

With more experience in the field of education, Mathnasium is willing to companion with parents to help children discover and maximize their own potential through the Summer course 2018. This summer course are designed for children aged from 6 – 11 years old.

1. Duration: 8 weeks, from 04/06/2018 to 27/07/2018

2. What is interesting in this summer course?

  • Apply Math concepts to reality

With the summer course at Mathnasium, students learn how to apply mathematics to real-life scenarios through close topics such as shopping, savings, and measurement… Besides that, students will practice through small projects that correspond to each topic. Through the exciting lessons, they discover that math is really "fun" and  it will also help them develop, thinking and problem solving skill.

  • Project “Creative Businessman”

Not just a simple math course, the Summer Course 2018 at Mathnasium provides opportunities and environment for students to explore themselves have new experiences. The "Creative Businessman" is an exciting project to help children develop emotional intelligence (EQ) and soft skills through real-life activities. In addition, they will be able to stimulate and promote their own potential, apply the math knowledge through the calculation and business planning, management of resources and finance to create a profit.

  • Music and Painting

Summer course 2018 is an opportunity for children to promote and shine with their talents. They will learn about instruments, feel the music through the dance moves with the professional instructors from the Soul Academy. In addition, students can explore passion for painting through activities: visiting the Museum of City Art, painting collective and thematic, ...

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